iTELA Leadership Training

  • You have a need to know your strenghts & talents but do not know how to identify them?   

  • You are about to look for a new job and don't have a clue where to start?   

  • You do have a job but your job has become boring and without challenge?   

  • Are you feeling stuck in the wrong career?   

  • Don't know what you really want and what you will enjoy doing?  

  • You are a Business owner and feel your staff Character skills are incompetent?

  • Want to make a change and impact your environment but don’t know where to start?   

  • You want to explore more on what leadership is and how to function better as a team?

Then you need a NEW goal!

In short...

It start with your Curriculum Vitae ONLINE

  • Update your CV in realtime
  • Always available, 24/7
  • Neat and Tidy
  • Professional look
  • Your e-mail can not be scraped
  • PDF Download whenever you want

I also want a ONLINE iTELA CV!

  •  A FREE webhosting account with a CPanel and 10 Email accounts
  • Meyrs Briggs test
  • DISC Analysis Test
  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Learning Style Test
  • Belbin Team Role Test
  • Career option Test
  • We here at iTELA do know that you have a lot of talent that is needed by businesses. You however do not always 1) know who you are and what you are capable of and 2) maybe do not have the soft skills that business require in the work place. iTELA came up with a nice system to combat these two issues.

    So to get this ball rolling, we will focus on you getting your CV ONLINE for businesses to see and to make contact with you.

    Then you have the option of completing 6 Psychometrical Tests that will give you a very good idea of who you are and where you should be heading in life.

     Your iTELA Facilitators and Coaches

    Henko Janse van Rensburg

    Henko is a holistic thinker that loves to create spaces through experiential learning. He seeks continiously for opportunities to grow in his identity and purpose. Henko studied BA Human Resource Management at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and then started to train people to run community upliftment projects.

    Henko loves children and young adults and it gives him great joy when the people he coach achieve their goals in life.


    Vivian Janse van Rensburg

    Vivian studied BA Photo Electronics at Shandong University, Jinan. Being fluent in English, Manderine and Cantonese, she taught herself how to interpret between these languages for training seminars, conferences and business functions.

    Vivian wants to see people find their purpose in life. She also wants to journey with them and show them how they can become who they are made to be and through this how they can impact their world.

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Your goal?...


Your music inside


natural TALENT & PASSION to embrace LIFE fully


Finding and identifying your PURPOSE is not always easy.

How to FIND your Purpose?...

Join iTELA!

- iTELA = a Journey of fun, joy, laughter, experiential learning, online training and much more.

- iTELA focus very strongly on the development of Character values through experiential learning.

- 6 Psychometrical Tests will give you a very clear picture of who you are.

Why iTELA?...

iTELA (International Talent, Entrepreneurial & Leadership Academy) understand that learners leave school with only a vague knowledge of employment opportunities and the skills needed to survive within the working environment.

They have little insight into the most appropriate career direction for their abilities, values and interests.

Many learners undertake tertiary education and afterwards seek work only to experience a feeling of they are “stuck” in careers to which they are not suited, leading to low morale, de-motivation, poor performance and bad service levels.

This picture needs to be changed and it can change through the well developed iTELA 7 level course.